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Explanations of table "Arranged profits (estimation of break point)"

Explanations of table "Arranged profits (estimation of break point)"
Name of activities Explanation
Volume of implement production Provided volumes of sale of produced production - of windows in % and m3. It is supposed, that sales will start from 4-th month and will increase in given percentage relation.
Income of implement production Same volumes of production sale, but in terms of money and to offered prices (see Projected volume of production). These indicators can change, it is possible to consider much longer output period to designed power, this means to start from later period.
Material expenses Includes purchase expenses of cutoff plank A class, glue considering expense norm for window beam production (see Projected expenses).
Salary expenses In first work months are given as 50%, 65% and 85% accordingly (see Basic salary fund). These relations can also vary according to given production diagram.
Electricity expenses Power of equipment and expenses on lightning were taken into account (see Electricity expenses).
Other expenses articles Include transportation expenses, equipment amortization, instrument expenses, repairs; other taxes.
Total expenses In this graph all given expenses in the table showed sum up.
Clear profit Basic table row, where business profit is displayed, recieved from expexses and profits sum. At the beginning this difference is with minus, which shows predominance of expenses over profits from sale of manufactured production, but gradually this difference decreases and break take place (break point). For window beam it is 6 - 7 month from production start.
In given diagram 1 "Projected profit" this break point is shown.
Achievement of make out point occur later, between 10-th and 11-th months, it can be seen in diagram 2 "Make out achievement". For definition of this indicator it is necessary to sum indicators from graphs: Expenses, Total expenses and Profits. When negative meaning changes to positive we achieve make out point.
* - Equipment purchase expenses are not taken into account in the table.
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