Annotation to project "Glued Beam".

Glued window beam - special structural material used for manufacturing of wooden windows and sticked together by thickness from three lamellas. When gluing into the beam, we pick up lamellas with mutual opposite directions of wooden filaments that extinguishe pressure originating inside the profile and protects the window from straining. Tree species for manufacture of window beam are the following: conifers and deciduouse. Conifer distinguishes pine, which possesses less number of twigs and hence is easier in processing. Furthermore, pine wood contains lenty of resinous substances - natural antiseptics protecting wood from rotting.

What is the of increasing popularity of glued beam? Why did the glued beam practically force out the whole beam from vitrified manufacture, and house building from glued beam is gaining more and more populiarity in masses?

  • Gued beam is notable for posession of all advantages of wood and absence of wood drawbacks.
  • Glued beam is more long-lasting since all defects of the wood are removed before gluing.
  • The glued beam has major durability and rigidness in comparison with central can't.
  • Glued beam possesses less heat conductivity and weight. It does not crack and is practically not subject to slump.
  • Glued beam remains harmless material with good thermoregulation, i.e. saves all advantages of whole wood.
  • Glued beam does not change geometrical shape while in service as it is made of uniformly dry raw material.
  • Glued beam has very low relative humidity.
  • There is no pressure inside glued beam.
  • Items from glued wood possess perfect appearance and do not require additional expenditures for finishing.
  • That is why glued beam all is more actively used for manufacture of windows and house building both in Europe and America, and in Russia. People are conquered by its quality, reliability, durability and appeal.

    Manufacture lines for production of glued profiled beam nowadays are one of the most high-tech in woodworking. And it is not surprising - the highest quality of produced material requires the most perfect equipment.

    At each stage of the process flow of manufacture of glued beam, special highly-precise equipment is used. So for this reason production from glued profiled beam is notable for the highest quality.

    Glued wood - prospective direction of woodworking and wooden house building!
    Multilayered beam - multiple durability!