The summary of mechanical sawing complex LDA-1000.

Approximately 400 million of m3 of converted timbers of different grades is produced per year in the world.

Leaders in production of converted timbers are the USA, Canada, Russia, and Brazil. And Russia falls behind the USA in volume by four times producing only 5,5 % of world volume of converted timbers.

Russian market of sawmilling materials and woodworking production possesses vast reserves for development! It is planned to increase the release of sawmilling materials by 4.8% in 2006.

The basic deterrents are equipment depreciation and insufficient investments in sawmilling. More than 60 % of the equipment of companies in timber industry are out-of-date and has not been upgraded till now.

Sawing business organization requires considerably minor investments in comparison with organization, for example, of pulp and paper business. It is quite possible to create such production by means of private investors.

Compulsory condition of profitability of such production is equipment with modern machinery and its optimum combination with auxiliaries.

We offer you you a mechanical sawmilling complex on the basis of saw-disk machines, allowing to make sawing of wood of diameter in a range of 100 up to 400 mm. This range includes the so-called wood "thin log".

Sawmilling - a branch for prospective investments!