The summary to the project
"miniMA 2000".

We carry out stage-by-stage delivery of such complexes. The complex "miniMA 2000" includes the complete set of the modules forming a full work cycle.

Its structure includes following industrial complexes:

  • Mechanised sawing complex LDA-1000
  • on base multirip disk machine tools, processing to 2500 m3 round wood in a month at one-shift work.
  • Complex for drying of wood
  • on the basis of the most economic drying chambers condensation type with volume of single loading 400 m3 lumber. This complex provides qualitative drying 1200 m3 lumber in a month.
  • The automated complex on manufacturing glued production for housing construction elements.
  • It is equipped on the basis of the automated line of infinite merging of type MAX 2000, automatic facing machine tools ORD-1000 (with automation of process of a cutting of defects from preparations), hydraulic modular press VGS-140 (with automation of processes of drawing of glue, formation of a package and its giving in a pressing zone), a universal line of cutting bar and constructional building beams LSM-400 and a line for angular milling of bay windows RM250. The complex provides high-quality manufacturing of all elements of the wooden house at productivity to 4000 m3 production in a month (for a bar of the maximum section 250240 mm, for line MAX 2000).
  • The mechanised complex on manufacturing of eurowindows
  • (from glued beam of the normal and raised section with two-chamber double-glazed windows for areas with severe climatic conditions), and also panelled doors and ladders (from massive and glued wood). The complex is equipped on the basis of the window processing centre LGC-1000, allowing to make to 1000 m2 windows or to 1100 m2 doors in a month. All industrial complexes can be delivered with complexes on recycling of a woodworking waste, received in the course of manufacture. Into a complex on recycling of a woodworking waste enters:
  • aspiration systems
  • of gathering and transportation of sawdust to bunkers - fillers;
  • the boiler equipment,
  • completely providing requirements for heat on drying of wood and heating of premises.

    The delivery structure includes also the complete compressor station providing requirement of the process equipment in compressed air.

    All complexes can be delivered with buildings from the modular metal and wooden designs which total area for the modular complete set calculated on manufacturing to 200 complete sets at home in year (for a concrete definition of the further calculations productivity of 120 complete sets of houses Solo B in a year is accepted) makes:

  • Industrial complexes - 8640 m2
  • Boiler-house - 120 m2
  • Compressor - 50 m2
  • Is administrative-household - 300 m2

    Total: 9110 m2

    Each independent module assumes the equipment of a stock exchange the area 1200 m2 for storage of a monthly stock of raw materials.

    The project provides installation at a stock exchange gantry crane by load-carrying capacity 6-12 t.

    Maintenance with raw materials is made by motor transport (timber carrying vessels).

    Transportations between working departments are carried out by floor transport (avto - electroloaders).

    Getting a complex "miniMAX 2000" you receive the flexible modern manufacture, allowing to make full assortment of details for housing construction.