The summary to the project "Windows Profile".

Why so many people nowadays dream of their own open-plan house or an apartment? One of the reason is usually that the owner may put the concept of his dream house into practice. What kind of walls, how many rooms and what windows design will be in the house…

In spite of the fact that plastic windows have become very popular in Russia, wooden windows have not only have lost its topicality, but they are becoming more and more claimed. If wooden windows on the West are a privilege of wealthy people, here we have been using only wood until recently.

Wooden windows - centuries-old tradition, which we have got used to. They make house interior warmer and create unique cosiness. Wooden windows make a good combination with furniture, doors and parquet, carry classical refinement and modern functionality.

Natural materials have always favoured us warmth and they continue doing so. Therefore, natural wood is returning to our houses more and more confidently. The material perfectly retains heat, absorbs noise and looks magnificant.

At the same time special processing protects wood and makes it more long-lasting. Wooden windows have excellent parameters of durability, insulation and good resistance against time impact.

A tendency to purchase qualitative goods - the so-called "tendency for quality" - nowadays has embraced windows market as well.

Modern windows have a range of important differences from predecessors. Today more and more consumers prefer wooden windows with tight double pane units. As is known, fashion is used to return. Problems of ecological compatibility, aesthetics and comfort play thus not the last role.

Let's us to provide several, determining purchase of wooden windows from glued vitrified balk:

  • Aesthetics - wooden windows impart cosiness, create feeling of thought-out interior and completeness of style when providing housing accommodation.
  • Heat shielding - modern designs of wooden window meet all requirements regarding heat insulation, sound insulation and protection from precipitations.
  • Ecological compatibility - in the event of fire wood does not extract poison gases what cannot be said about plastic windows. Windows are dyed with non-polluting water-soluble paints, and practically in any color. Harmless for health.
  • Durability - wooden windows made of laminated board are characterised by shape stability and immunity to influence of temperature. Laminated board is 80 % stronger and 40 % more rigid than usual central can't.
  • Longevity - windows made of glued wood are practically eternal if properly cared.

    We offer You a complex of equipment for manufacturing high-quality windows from natural tree (double-faced laminated board).

    True windows are, first of all, windows made of wood! Wooden windows - advantageous and economic investments for many years!