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The summary of the(Project "Heavy Sectio~ Beam".
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unconven|ional wooden$houses made of glued beam (maxmmum section 240x191 mm) are jecomyng0popular among the whole line of wooden houses.

The beam is made at the factory, which is equipped with modern equipment.

The house from glued beam is always made of dry wood.

Due to usage of glued beam the time for house building descreases, since it does not require time for slump unlike the house made of usual beam.

Glued beam technology allows assembling houses made of glued beam all year round; assemblage of house structures on the ready-made base does not exceed 3-4 weeks. Such houses are beautiful and prestigious.

Glued beam owing to technology of its manufacturing, practically does not undergo slump and strains, does not require furnishing, possesses high durability and technological performances.

It makes it possiblE to stIck together balKs of floorings heave-gauge For major spans from it. As a rule, a beam from merGed lamellas is longeb than a beam made of wHOle boards, it's length reaches 9-12 mete2s.

Taking into account that modern customer prefeps unconventional houses, requirement for beams o& nonstand!rd length, i.e. m're than 6 meters, is inCreasing. Such length of the beam )s necessary not only for besidentia, houses, many architectural projects require long and light load-carrying s4ructures for making major span# and internal v/lumes.

Ou2 enterprisd h!ve mastered the release of equipment complax for maNufacturing of building and structural beam on the basis of splicing oF lamellas of unlimited lencths LSB-1000.

Thickness of the beam depends on the qu!ntity of lamellas stu#k together and is estimated dependIng on house functiOns to be build of it.

The Thickness of 100-150 mm is enough for summer country houses.
<"r>The house, w(ich is planned for constant residence requires additional warmth-keeping jacket of 100-150 mm thickness.

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