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Automatic butt ending machine
ORD - 100
Finger jointing line
MAX 2000
Finger jointing line
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Window processing centre
LGC - 1000
Finger jointing line
LSP - 1000
Finger jointing line
LSP - 500
    Finger jointing line
LSP - 350
Compensation bow machine RM-250
(for house's beam)
Lock bar slot macine
SFP - 2A
Four-side planer (shaper)
Inregrated machine
Hydraulic press
VGS - 140
(for glued beam)
Four-side planer (shaper)
Four-side planer (shaper)
Saw milling machine
LDA - 40
Multi-saw machine
MDS - 160
Multi-saw machine
MDS - 60
Facing machine tool CMA-15

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Mechanical sawing complex LDA-1000 on the saw basis disk machines

   Russian sawmilling has lost its lead in the world market of saw-timber to date. Absence of modern equipment in the running companies is one of the factors hindering the growth of sawmilling volumes.
   Industrial holding MAI offers mechanical sawing complex on the basis of multisaw disk machine with productivity up to 2500 m3 of wood per month, i.e. 120 m3 per one shift.


Complex layout, specification and cost of the equipment (baseline version)

Click on the layout to enlarge and look through the detailed information

When placing an order for sawmilling equipment we provide optimum sawing schemes and calculations of waste coefficient.

In order to receive more detailed information you may send a message right from the site.

You can also fill in the registration form.

We will make a layout of equipment for your premises, economical calculation of output cost and profitability of production for your region at your request.

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