Brief production process of manufacturing of laminated board.

The production process looks as follows. For manufacturing of glued profiled beam we use spruce or pine. They are practically identical in durability, but differ on interior properties of external lamellas.

Boards, carefully dried in drying chambers, are sized on four sided molding machines. This operation allows revealing latent defects available in lumber which are selected on trimmers. The remaining sections with have no defects are end joint onminitenon in the boards which are called lamellas on lines of cross-cut splicing. These semifinished items after drying are sized for second time for precise observance of the sizes.

The planning (profiling) of dry lumber allows achieving more better slickness of the surface, than under processing damp sawn timber.

Only after that lamellas having carefully dried, planned, sorted out and gathered on shards, on special hydraulic presses the sawn timber is sticked together. 2-5 lamellas can be sticked together what allow making the beam "heavy enough". Special high-strength waterproof non-polluting glues, which do not infringe capability of lumber "to breathe" are used for lamellas gluing.

One more ruse when manufacturing glued beam lies in setting opposite directions of wood fibres("annual rings") in lamellas when gluing into one-piece beam. Due to which the glued beam appears stronger in comparison with usual one, and it does not change the shape in the event of humidity change.

Owing to such production process, the beam possesses the following advantages:

  • major durability, minimum susceptibility to strains;
  • glued beam has humidity content of 11-14 % and, hence, does not dry out and does not fracture;
  • the length of glued beam can be more than 6 m since splicing is possible.
  • The base of complex the consists of the the most popular line of longitudinal splicing of workpieces lengthwise LSP-500, automatic trimmer (Butt Ending Machine) ORD-100 and hydraulic press VGS-140.

    LSP-500 as a universal high-tech line, where only one processing step is performed manually - stacking of workpieces on the loading conveyor.

    All further process cycle is conducted in automatic mode and the line is serviced by one operator.

    ORD-100 machine is intended for parting-off of workpieces and their optimization sawing. Software allows using both one program for sawing or optimization and combining several programs.

    Hydraulic Press VGS-140 is intended for gluing beams from wooden workpieces (bars, girders, boards) of different sizes, manufacturing of structural sawn timber, and, boards which can be applied in of furniture production and house building.

    Gluing is conducted with precise aggregate exposure of necessary temporary and mechanic parameters with the use of special Kleiberit glue,class D4, which is applied exclusively in residential house building.

    The whole complex consists of six units of different purpose equipment, joint among themselves by intermediate rollers.

    The complex is serviced 5 main workers and 6 assistants. The volume of the output is 240 m3 of window beam (structure 78 mm) per month during one shift.

    The equipment is simple, reliable and convenient in operation, and is easiley and quicly readjusted from issue of one type of production to other.

    Glued production made on the equipment is in demand both in Russia and abroad.