Brief sawmilling production process on saw-disk machines

Industrial holding MAI offers you high-performance mechanical sawing complex LDA-1000.

Complex base consists of disk-sawing machines and multi-saw rippers.

The timber is loaded on exchange, whence it is supplied by bobbin conveyor to saw-disk machine LDA-40, where semi-timber and side edging boards by set sizes are sawed.

Semi-timber and boards are divided on the conveyor by means of distributional rollers. Unsquared boards are supplied by conveyors to multi-saw ripper MDS-60, where an eaves board is made.

Semi-timber is supplied to multi-saw ripper MDS-160 by sliding on roller path and then the machine produces eaves boards.

The eaves boards received from the multi-saw ripper machine are supplied to trimmers СМА-15, which conducts parting-off to the size for consequent effective loading drying chambers.

LDA-1000 is capable of processing up to 2500 m3 of lumber per month, i.e. 120 m3 per shift.

The advantage of the complex is a high percent of lumber yield from whole log of diameter ranging from 100 up to 400 mm, and in the event of certain technology it is possible to saw the log without sorting (for example, for beam with sectional view 125х95 mm).

Due to the lack of a pneumatics and hydraulics in control, the complex LDA-1000 is capable of working in extremely adverse conditions, does not require compound readjustment and competent labour force.