Brief production process of wooden windows

For expansion of your manufacture industrial holding MAI offers you a complete complex of process equipment for manufacturing high-quality windows from natural tree (double-faced laminated board section 78х86 mm and 68x78 mm).

And the double-faced laminated board, merged on a minithorn, has higher durability in comparison with central cant of the same section. The thickness of the frame recommended by experts is 78 mm, and all twigs, pitch bins, unevennesses are removed before being glued together. You will find the description of manufacturing of initial stock (laminated board) in the project "Glued Beam". Now we will talk about what to do next.

Complex base consists of automated Windows Processing Centre LGC-1000. It consists of two independent machine blocks: dovetailing and profiling. Dovetailing block is intended for trimming of preparations of euro windows and milling of thorns and lugs. The profiling block is intended for milling internal profile of components of boxes and glumes, and external profile of assembled boxes and glumes of euro windows. Both machines are equipped with multiposition spindles permitting fast feeding of necessary package of the cutting instrument to workpiece range.

Glued blanks arrive at the processing centre completely molded by section. Preparations arrive at dovetailing block where they are trimmed, merged and mortised from two parts. All fastened by tenon and mortise component parts of glumes are profiled from the inside as double pane unit. After component parts of glume are sent for assembly.

Next profiling of component parts of box is made and also sent for assembly.

Glumes gathered on glue and boxes file in assembler pneumatic press VPS-100 where they are being glued together. After technological aggregate exposure they arrive on profiling block again where their outside profiling is made.

Such plot is served by three basic workers and two assistants.

Productivity of window blocks per month at one shift work makes 500 m2.

Technical possibilities of the vitrified processing centre enable producing window blocks not only of section 78х86 mm, but also of section 68х76 mm and veneered doors.

К сведению: - адсорбционная азотная установка - промышленные генераторы азота и азотные.