Brief production process of manufacturing of a house-building beam and structural supporting girders of floorings of unlimited length.

Technological complex consists of two independent sectors:

  • a plot of gluing on the basis of the automated line of splicing of unlimited length LSB-1000;
  • the plot of processing processing of conjunctive is grooving in house beams on the basis of product line of milling of the deputies. SFP-2A line makes it possible producing horizontal processing of power groove, and RM-250 - processing of wind groove or compensation bow angle joints up to 45°. Process technology control is conducted automatically (by controller).

    The complex is serviced by 5 main workers and 6 assistants.

  • When placing an order for house building, we recommend computer programs for designing and assemblage of houses, manufacturing of components on each processing step, and programs for designing of buildings and ladders.

    We provide a list of materials, their general calculations, make calculations of general roof design, sloping beam, purling, binder bars and racks in 2 or 3 dimension performance, automatic calculation of roofs, walls, floorings and overlaying.

    We provide a list of companies which sell complete sets, needed for manufacture and building houses from glued beam.

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