Деревообработка, деревообрабатывающие станки, комплексы и технологии. Линии сращивания, обрабатывающие оконные центра, четырехсторонние станки, оборудование для деревянного домостроения. Агрегатная линия для обработки домового бруса и конструкционных строительных балок LSM-400 Линия сращивания заготовок LSP - 500
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TOP 20
«--selling leader--»
Automatic butt ending machine
ORD - 100
Finger jointing line
MAX 2000
Finger jointing line
«--selling leader--»
Window processing centre
LGC - 1000
Finger jointing line
LSP - 1000
Finger jointing line
LSP - 500
    Finger jointing line
LSP - 350
Compensation bow machine RM-250
(for house's beam)
Lock bar slot macine
SFP - 2A
Four-side planer (shaper)
Inregrated machine
Hydraulic press
VGS - 140
(for glued beam)
Four-side planer (shaper)
Four-side planer (shaper)
Saw milling machine
LDA - 40
Multi-saw machine
MDS - 160
Multi-saw machine
MDS - 60
Facing machine tool CMA-15

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MAI holding

  • Industrial holding MAI have been engaged in designing and manufacturing of woodworking equipment which nomenclature allows implementing a complete work cycle of wood raw reprocessing for wooden house building for more than 15 years.

  • Competitiveness of woodworking equipment is defined by design originality, rational production facilities and optimum selection of components.

  • Production facilities are equipped with modern metal processing machinery. Welding epines are equipped with semiautomatic devices for well-meant in medium of noble gases. Park of metal processing machinery consists of vertical and horizontal millers, coordinate-borers, circular grinding and sanding machines turning from the numerical control, machine tools from the numerical control. Electric equipment, pneumoequipment and hydro equipments from European countries are used in the capacity of components.

  • Long-term purpose-oriented activity has allowed MAI company to master the production of the original atomized woodshop complexes performing wood raw reprocessing from a log up to a Euro window. MAI holding also delivers economic drying chambers of condensate type, which ensure high quality of wood (all species) drying.
  • MAI above 563 m

    Industrial premises are located on the territory of more than 6 000 m2.

    A snapshot of MAI industrial territory from space (height 563 m) is placed on the left.

  • MAI holding woodworking equipment factory consists of:

    • mechanic factory (month set comprises 2000 - 4000 components of different titles);
    • woodworking assembly plant with auxiliary equipment for assembly and testing of sawmill equipment, powered lines of splicing, and house building equipment;
    • wiring shop for mounting and adjustment of control boards for all models of the produced equipment;
    • caster for production of casting componens according to engineering department's developments;
    • tool maintenance department for production, testing and sharpening of an instrument for splicing lines.

    • engineering services (engineering department and technological planning division), realizing engineering developments of equipment for woodshop productions and development of technological documentation;
    • training centre for factory personnel and marketing division, which implements all advertising both commercial activity and factory personnel training for operative equipment;
    • launching service centret, maintenance and equipment repair division;
    • commercial department, advertising department and administration block of management and the chairman of holding management board.

  • MAI holding demonstrates equipment on all major thematic exhibitions, organizes seminars on issues of organization of woodshop productions, including "know-how" of glued production, as well as for individual house building.

  • The optimum ratio of the price and quality allows MAI setting such price horizon, which could promote successful work on the markets in countries of Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and CIS countries.
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