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The project "miniMAX 2000". BLOCK B.
Complex for drying of wood on the basis of the most economic drying chambers condensation type
with volume of single loading 40 m3 lumber.
This complex provides qualitative drying 1200 m3 lumber in a month.

Lay-out of drying site


The specification of the complex equipment for manufacturing of glued beam

Сушильная камера Сушильная камера
Nr.Equipment titleQuantity
 Main equipment 
1.Drying chamber condensation type8 pcs.

The description of a principle of action of drying complex

  • Basis of a complex for wood drying make economic drying chambers condensation type with volume of single loading 40 m3 lumber. This complex provides qualitative drying (to 12-14 % of humidity) 1200 m3 m3 lumber in a month.
  • Our design department can prepare the technical documentation on building drying chambers. Technical documentation preparation makes 15000 Euros.
  • The basic characteristic of efficiency drying chambers is heat expense. Theoretically this size makes an order of 600 kcals (kcal) on each kg of an evaporated moisture.
  • Ways of drying it is known much enough. But, owing to the simplicity, in Russia now the most widespread is convective drying. It, as a matter of fact, adapted for requirements of industrial production of saw-timbers natural drying. However, this way of drying very much expensive. In convection dryers, even with a good thermal protection of walls and roofs, at the expense of any losses, quantity of consumed heat usually 1500 - 2000 and more kcal on kg. That is heat expense exceeds demanded several times. As convection dryers demand the big material inputs, in connection with equipment by their expensive electronic control system and the control. In convection dryers without electronic systems the quantity of marriage, or quantity of time spent for drying increases. The main source of losses is damp air deleted from the chamber. Besides, to avoid splitting the top layers of preparations, in the chamber periodically spray a moisture. The preparations intended for drying, impregnate with a moisture - paradox, but it is demanded by convection drying.
  • Against a method of convection drying the condensation method can be carried to energy saving to technologies of drying. This drying goes without additional injection of a moisture to the chamber. Lumber gradually gets warm in tightly closed chamber. The moisture evaporated from it remains in dryer to environment, levelling humidity on section of preparations. In the course of drying, as required, the moisture leaves from drying agent its condensation on special condensers. In condensation dryers of wood drying process goes on the closed cycle - without air exchange with environment, heated damp air is not dumped in atmosphere, and the moisture containing in it, is condensed in the special contour located in the chamber. Thus partially drained air continues to circulate in the chamber, and the formed condensate leaves from the chamber in the special collection. In such dryers of wood, air sated with a moisture, washes a cold surface of the condenser and is cooled to temperature below a dew-point. The moisture containing in air, is condensed, and the warmth allocated thus, is used for heating. Drying in condensation wood dryers is spent at temperature no more +60°С. The condensation contour consists of the heat exchangers located in the chamber and outside of the chamber. They are connected with each other by pipelines on which the coolant circulates. Circulation of the agent is provided with the pump. The external heat exchanger is intended for cooling of the agent. The heating principle of drying agent (air) in condensation chamber is identical to drying chambers of convectional type and is carried out by air circulation through the heaters which are heated up by hot water (steam) from a local boiler-house or directly electric heaters (ТЕН's). Circulation heated damp air drying the agent is provided with the basic fans established on the screen behind heaters in the top part of the chamber. Depending on a design of the fan circulation of the agent can be reversive and not reversive.
  • These are very economic drying chambers. To dry up 1m3 of wood to 8 % of humidity, it is necessary to spend 70 - 180 kw of energy, depending on its breed, a thickness and initial humidity. The working temperature of a dryer with volume to 10 m3 - 49 ° With, and in dryers with a great volume temperature can be up to 80 ° C. Condensational drying allows to approach quantity of consumed heat to that to 600 kcals, that allows to lower it several times. Конденсационные dryers belong to the newest technologies of drying of the wood, providing high-quality drying practically any breed of wood, not demanding thus high qualification of the personnel. Unlike other types of drying chambers where heated damp air is dumped in atmosphere, thermal energy in the course of drying in condensational chambers goes on heating of industrial premises in a kind heated in a special contour of air or water. For choice the Customer in the project any constructional materials can be used: a wooden skeleton; a metal skeleton; wall blocks from gas-silicates or porous (easy) concrete; monolithic or precast concrete. In quality heat-insulating materials in drying chambers can be applied practically all materials existing today: plates of type "sandwich", mineral cotton wool, the polymeric materials, the granulated materials.
  • The method condensation drying is irreplaceable:
    - at high-quality drying of preparations of wood just for decoration and joiner's products. At drying by other ways (for example, convectional) the marriage percent reaches more than 15 % (takes place splitting, buckling etc.). At condensation drying with observance of technological process marriage does not exceed 5 %. It can give considerable economy of means at work with valuable breeds of wood (a beech, a cherry, an oak etc.).
    - at predrying wood preparations. Condensation drying provides absence of residual pressure in the dried up wood, therefore it is possible to be assured that it is not deformed in already finished article.
    - at drying in city conditions. The given way of drying is most ecologically pure. Absence of noise and an unpleasant smell allows to organise manufacture in shop space. Condensational drying also provides high fire safety, low probability of a traumatism and absence of problems with fire supervision.


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