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Four-side planer (shaper)
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The project "miniMAX 2000".
The BLOCK C. The automated complex on manufacturing of glued production on the basis of line MAX 2000.
Bar of all existing standard sizes!

Lay-out of a site for manufacturing of glued beam


The specification of the complex equipment for manufacturing of glued beam

Четырехсторонний сторогально-фрезерный станок S26-4 Автоматический торцовочный станок ORD-100 Линия сращивания ламелей неограниченной длины MAX 2000
Nr.Equipment titleQuantity
Power, kwTechnological operation
 Main equipment     
1.Quadrilateral planing-milling machine tool S26-43 3x41,0 The first and second calibrations
2.Automatic facing machine tool ORD-1002 12,7 Optimised open preparations in the sizes and defects
3.The automatic transfer line of merging of preparations of unlimited length MAX 20001 69 Merging of preparations on a minithorn in lamella in the length
4.Gluer bulk device KU-10AM (with roller conveyer 12m)1 0,4 Preparation of lamellas to gluing in a press
5.Modular press with autoloading device VGS-140AM/12 m 14,0Gluing a bar (length of 6 m, height of loading to 1,5)
6.Modular 4 spindle line for processing of constructional building beams KSB-600 116,0Processing of building beams from four sides
7.Line for angular milling of bay windows RM-250 116,0Cutting bays connections
8.Modular line for processing of a house bar and constructions. Building beams LSM-400 132 Cutting locks in a house bar
9.Transport technological system of distribution of details in structure:
- Loading conveyor PTR-6M
- Dispensing-splitting conveyor DTR-6
- The conveyor of formation of packages TR-3
- Delivery-loading conveyor DTR-12
- Distributive conveyors DTR-12M
- System auxiliary driving conveyors (8 sections on 12 m = 96 m)
complex. The mechanised moving of preparations according to technological process
10.The automated control system complex. Automatic control of complex work

Structure of a line of merging lamellas of unlimited length:

  1. The two-section loading conveyor;
  2. 1st tenoning machine tool (cutting workpieces, stippling and milling of gear thorns);
  3. 2nd tenoning machine tool with automatic gluing device (processing of the second end face of workpieces, glue drawing);
  4. System of conveyors for automatic loading of a press in structure:
    • the reception conveyor;
    • canting device;
    • the three-metre tape memory conveyor;
  5. a hydraulic press with a type-setting field of 3 m;
  6. facing knot pieces of blanks at size.

The description of work of a complex

The complex is equipped on the basis of a line of infinite merging of type MAX-2000, automated hydraulic press VGS-140АM and constructional beams cutting line LSM-400. The complex allows to make all elements of the typical wooden house from glued beam. The complex has unique possibility to make all standard sizes of a house bars, including a bar of "heavy" section (250х240 mm), and also beams for overlappings and bearing designs (to 600х250 mm).

The package of preparations is established by a loader or a crane-beam on loading conveyor PTR-6M. Further by the piece blanks move on quadrilateral machine tool S26-4 (primary calibration). Calibrated workpieces with dispensing-splitting conveyor DTR-6 go on one of facing machine tools ORD-100. Productivity of each machine tool makes 50 m3 in change.

Before giving in the machine tool defective places of wood are marked by labels on which occurs parting-off. The cut out waste gets on the conveyor built in the machine tool and leaves. Workpieces free of defects are formed in packages on conveyors TR-3 and move on the loading conveyor of a line of merging lamellas of unlimited length MAX-2000 with a gleam 300x80 mm.

On line MAX-2000 it is carried out facing and milling of gear thorns of packages of blanks, greasing by glue, orientation, accumulation and pressing lamellas of unlimited length, facing lamellas in the necessary size. Kickoff reception roller conveyer lines pushes together blanks on delivery-loading conveyor DTR-12. On this conveyor of preparation single-stepping move ahead to quadrilateral molding-milling machine tool S26-4. Time of advancement has enough for readiness for the following processing.

Quadrilateral molding-milling machine tool S26-4 (260x230 mm) is intended for longitudinal plane or profile processing of workpieces. The processed blanks can be stored (if it is an end-product) or on delivery-loading conveyor DTR-12 and by driving conveyor move in gluing device of bulk type KU-10АМ. The workpieces greased with glue keep within on the autoloading device of hydraulic modular press VGS-140AM.

When the full package (12000х1500х250) mm is typed work the gauges, all package of blanks rises and established in a vertical plane. From above and sideways there is a compression. After certain time of endurance (depends on glue, ambient temperatures), a package of blanks is released, is guided again in a horizontal plane and further on distributive conveyor DTR-12M the bar arrives for calibration and, if necessary, for profiling on quadrilateral molding-milling machine tool S26-4, and building beams - on modular line KSB-600.

The processed workpieces on driving conveyors and to conveyor DTR-12M move on a modular line for processing of a house bar and constructional building beams with system of automatic control LSM-400 or on line RM-250 for milling of bay windows (straight lines and under a corner - to 45 o).

Line LSM-400 is equipped by a computer control system into which the sequence program cutting house bar is loaded. In the computer data of a full set of details for the concrete house project and the sizes of a used bar are brought. The computer program developed for a given line on the entered data makes optimisation cutting for reception of the minimum waste. Line LSM-400 is fourspindle unit which can cut the power and wind lock. Bars by means of the submitting conveyor arrive in a line where according to the sequence entered into the controller occurs cutting locks, cutting bar and marks of each detail by an alphanumeric designation and a stroke-code.

Line RM-250 works similarly lines LSM-400 and also can be equipped by the programmed controller and is used both for cutting bay connections, and for cutting the basic direct lock.


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