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The project "minimax 2000".
BLOCK D - the Mechanized complex on manufacturing of eurowindows
(From glued beam of the normal and raised section with two-chamber double-glazed windows for areas with severe climatic conditions),
And also panelled doors and stairs (from massive and glued wood).
The complex is equipped on the basis of window processing centre LGC-1000,
Allowing to make to 1000 m2 windows or to 1100 m2 doors in a month.

Lay-out of a site for manufacturing of eurowindows, doors, stairs


The specification of the complex equipment for manufacturing of windows

Nr.Equipment TitleQuantity
Power, killowattTechnological operation
 Main equipment    
1.Facing machine tool CMA - 10 1 2,2Beam draft facing on workpieces
2.Window processing centre LGC - 10001 32,0Consists of two machine tools: finger joint LGC-1000A and main LGC-1000B. Finger jointing and profiling details of shutters and boxes of a window
3.Main machine tool LGC-1000B1 20,0For manufacturing of doors
4.Milling machine tool FSS - 152 4,0Profiling of details
5.Horizontal drilling-grooving machine tool SVPG-2132 1,5 Milling of grooves under installation of horizontal and vertical cross-beams
6.A press pneumatic VPS-1001 -Assemblage of boxes and shutters of windows
7.A press pneumatic VPD-1001 -Assemblage of doors
8.Tape planogrinding machine tool SLPS - 6М2 1,5Grinding of the collected boxes and shutters
9.A many-storeyed press VPS-3/602 -Assemblage of boards
10.Dimensioning machine C-4F-30001 3,55Cuts the collected workpieces on the necessary size.
11.The drying chamber КЕ-200015,8 Colouring frames

Necessary means of mechanisation of auxiliary operations for a site of windows manufacturing:

  1. The compressor of a high pressure for windows colouring.
  2. The pneumotool for blinding nails (at fastening bead to a shutter).
  3. The pneumotool for siliconizing.
  4. Pneumoguillotine (for facing water outflow precisely on the size).
  5. Electrodrills for installation of accessories and for assemblage of windows.
  6. Screwdriver for accessories installation (2 pcs).
  7. Grinding machines (2-3 pcs).
  8. Tables for preliminary assemblage of windows.
  9. Tables for intermediate polishing, puttying at painting.
  10. Special windows holders for an arrangement - storages of windows after each technological operation.

The description of work of a complex

It is equipped on the basis of the window processing centre LGC-1000 providing manufacturing of eurowindows (a designation on the scheme: finger jointing machine tool - LGC-1500А, the main machine tool - LGC-1500В). In addition the workshop is equipped by the main machine tool from LGC-1000 (a designation on the scheme - LGC-1500В) for manufacturing of doors, and also auxiliaries.

On a site the stuck together window bar section gets 78,86 mm (the Russian standard) or 68,78 mm (the European standard). Here workpieces which are applied further to manufacturing panelled doors, boxes, window sills, stairs and other joiner's production are processed.

The bar arrives on facing machine tool CMA-10 (for draught facing the beam on blanks). Then blanks go on window processing centre LGC-1000. The centre consists from finger jointing and shaping blocks used at manufacturing of windows. Universality of the centre allows to use it (at addition with the second main block) and for manufacturing panelled doors. Finger jointing block is intended for facing blanks of eurowindows, milling of thorns and lugs. The main block is intended for milling of an internal profile of boxes and shutters, and also for processing of an external profile of the collected boxes and shutters of eurowindows. The second main block is intended for profiling of door boxes, panels. On both blocks the multiposition spindles allowing quickly to submit to a zone of processing the necessary group of the tool.

Pneumatic press VPS-3/60 are applied for gluing preparations of doors, window sills, stairs.

Dimensioning machine tool S-4F (3000) is applied for cutting or scraping of workpieces on the necessary size.

On milling machine tools FSS-15 various milling operations are made for manufacture of windows, including arch, and for manufacture panelled doors.

On drilling-grooving machine tools SVPG-213 grooves mill operation takes place, under installation of horizontal and vertical cross-beams (milling of grooves is made for windows and doors).

For assemblage of boxes and shutters of windows the pneumatic press VPS-100 is applied, and for assemblage of doors pneumatic press VPD-100. The collected products are ground on plainly-grinding machine tool SLPS-6M and then go on painting. Operations in painting branch are: priming, drying, painting in chamber KE-2000. Except the above-stated equipment the manual tool (for siliconizing, nails blinding, grinding machines, screwdriver and etc.) also is used.

In ready windows the double-glazed unit is installed , accessories, and etc. Ready-made products are marked, packed and taken to a warehouse. For convenience of customers, for acceleration of process of an exit on profitable manufacture, we provide with computer programs on manufacturing of windows which give full technological apportions for manufacturing of these products on each operation, and also the commercial program of calculation of cost of windows and doors.


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