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Four-side planer (shaper)
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Four-sided moulding machine KSB-600. For processing structural building girders

Four-sided moulding machine KSB-600 Four-sided moulding machine KSB-600

It is intended for longitudinal and profile processing of
large-sized components heave-gauge for house building

Four-sided moulding machine KSB-600
  • the lower spindle
  • Four-sided moulding machine KSB-600
  • the upper spindle
  • Four-sided moulding machine KSB-600
  • drive shafts
  • Four-sided moulding machine KSB-600
  • adjustment of vertical spindles
    • Each spindle drive is independent.
    • The lower and upper horizontal spindles can move in vertical plane with consequent fixing.
    • The right and left-handed vertical spindles have a possibility to move in a horizontal plane depending on the thickness of the processed workpiece and magnitude of the removed upper allowance.
    • All spindle units are equipped with fencings, which are cuttings pits at the same time.
    • The feeding speed is adjusted by frequency controller.
    • The stacker can move in sloping-vertical plane.
    Technical description
    1. Dimensions of workpiece going out, mm  
      - width, max/min 600 / 70
      - thickness, max/min 295 / 46
    2. Minimum length of processed blank, mm 1800
    3. Quantity of cutting blocks, pcs. 4
    4. Frequency of spindles rotation, rpm 6000
    5. Giving speed, m/min 10-60
    6. Maximum diameter of cutters, mm 150
    7. El. motors of drive cutting blocks  
      - horizontal 2 pcs. / 18,5 kilowatt
      - vertical 2 pcs. / 11 kilowatt
    8. Overall power of el. motors, kilowatt 64,1
    9. Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm: 2644 x 2322 x 1820
    10. Mass of machine, kg 5690

    Equipment list


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